November 26th, 2008

Jay Cock!

Christmasy post

Anyone that wants cards, comment to this post.

Anyone that wants to request a fic for Christmas, comment too (same stuff as normal for requests applies). Anyone that does request one should make two + so I have a selection. Max 10 people.
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Jay Cock!


The floofster is back! With Wall-E! yay Mikeysaur< 3

I've spent most of the day in bed, snoozing cause it's been too cold. I haven't had change to get Kerrang like normal, which has been annoying.

I've got Wall-E on now. I wants one!

LJ's fucking up with notifications again. Bah.

I've made a Xmas post so... comment anyone that wants anything.

I've just started on the last part of The Brother In The Basement. Well, hopefully last part.

The last Clone Wars episode was amusing. I love the beastie friend of Jar Jar. Also I loved the Rodia music, I hope it's aon the soundtrack (I also got amused by the bit of music that played as he climbed: a bit of the music that played while the AT-TE's scaled Teth).

That's probably about it. Cept I had cutes Blanca on Animal Crossing. She's odd.

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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