November 25th, 2008

Jay Cock!

Throwing snowballs instead of throwing heads

Am I the only one that's sceptical about this creepy baby buisness? Think about it though, in the extremely unlikely event it's true and that it's his... the child would end up being such a whore it'd make Captain Jack look like a nun. I don't think that's a creature that should be unleashed on the world.


I finished and posted the fic last night. I'll be pretty much sticking to Bullet and the other Welsh fandoms indefinately (or just keeping to the smaller ones).

Today's another cold day. I slept earlier, though woke at 12. I might curl back up in bed for the warmth.

It's annoying me how many spam im's I keep getting. It's driving me insaner.

I'm certain I had something more meaningful to say, but alas, it's gone.
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