November 2nd, 2008

Jay Perdy

The skies are made of diamonds

Merlin was better last night then I expected. Mostly cause Arthur looked so hot and Merlin kept being put in the stocks. It was amusing.

After it I watched the Winnie the Pooh Halloween thing. It was meant to be with mum but she moaned and fell asleep.

I also shifted around the dvds, freeing up on shelf. Some of my Star Wars books have been put there and I'm not sure what to do with the rest of the space.

Fics to do before going to Mikey's:
*Padge fic (based on my recurring dream)
*Into The Darkness (at least the Omar part)
*The Brother In The Basement (last parts, probably one for Ray and one for Bob)
*Another one or two meme fics, both short

The Padge one is the one I've been working on most.

I'm cold again, which I hate.

I'm still trying to go to the signing, though it's changed to be wristbanded. I'll be going after lunch and if there's none left... I'll end up right back here.

Off I go again, to do I don't know what yet.
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