October 25th, 2008

Jay Cock!

Are you ready to jump?

It's cold again. I hate the fucking cold.

At least mum's gone and I have Pepsi, though I haven't opened it yet. Odd how I don't mind it being cold.

I spent most of yesterday in bed. I really hate I had no idea about an MCR thing that was on last night here. Especially since it was just Gerard and Bob. Cause Bob's awesome.

I need to try and find my ticket later. It might be awol.

Here are the pics I finally managed to do today. The ones of me all suck. I forgot to take ones of The Blackout stuff and didn't take a pic of what Mikey got me cause it's in a safe (now unreachable) place.

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Jay Cock!

In the backseat

Merlin had less slashiness then normal. Although there was a little voice in my head when Merlin was pacing near the start telling him to get on his knees. Maybe I'm just a perv. Ok, no maybe.

I liked it, though I liked others more.

I found the Clone Wars ep from last night. I didn't think it would be any good considering it was a clone heavy ep, but it was better then I thought. Partly causa the new droid commandos, Grievous and also Kit in the first 10 seconds. The next one's not for two weeks (Americans are odd) but it's got Anakin being an idiot and losing R2. Still, it means the ep after it is R2 kicking some ass. (And then the one after that is bloody Jar Jar pretending to be a Jedi. Shows how stupid the battle droids are for falling for it.) They should totally make figures of those new droids. I've a mental list of what they should do now (Plunk droids, Nala Se, the general from the movie, these droid commandos, the new Y-Wings, Ziro and a few others).
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