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October 23rd, 2008

Jay Cock!

Get up off your feet

I've just got back from seeing nan. It was pretty uneventful.

Why did I not know Manhunt 2's finally out next week? I'm so far out of the fucking loop. It's got awful timing. From next week till the end of November I've got to get Mikey a present, go to the Fightstar signing (and get the singles), have some money for Bullet, the Clone Wars Movie and one of the Clone Wars games.

Gah! Why's November always gotta be annoying?

Regardless, I've gotta find a Nintendo magazine I'm sure I have with a review of it in. See if it's worth getting. I really hope it is cause I like the idea of running around being vicious and psychotic.

I finished the X-Files season 1 last night. Season 2 soon. I'd not seen most of the epiosdes in it for ages.

I had a Merlin dream last night.

The Medic Droid's version of Into The Groove amuses me. Main cause they still keep it as boy. I love it.

Mikey should I get you a Fightstar album as part of your present (and to get signed).

Claire, your card still hasn't come. It's odd.

it's so damn cold still.

I got a card from Job Center saying my time's 9:10. What the fuck? I'm sure it's not the proper time, since I have to go upstairs and that's normally later.

To do list over the next week (plus):
*Stupid Job Center
*Move stuff from downstairs
*Go to Birmingham with mum (Thursday) to check on Death Note dvd, get Mikey (Way's) Halloween comic and probably more.
*Get Mikey's present
*Watch a load of music dvds (Panic! At The Disco, The Used, MCR, Apocalyptica, Funeral For A Friend)
*Start The X-Files Season 2
*Watch Death Note
*Take pictures (tomorrow)

Writing wise:
*Start fic that's come into my head today (since a vague idea awhile hack)
*Some of the rest of those meme ficlets
*Zombie fic (for Halloween)
*Next part of Into The Darkness (even though I'm unsure of what to do in this next part)
Jay Cock!

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