October 18th, 2008

Jay Cock!

I think we should wait here

I'm gonna finish/type up the Matt/Eicca fic I started at the course today. Once I've done that I'll do the meme fics, probably with 2-4 done for tomorrow. If anyone else wants one, request away, though I probably won't have any after the first lot done till Tuesday cause birrthday crap.

Today we went to get cake for Monday from Sainsburys. Before we went in we went in the pet shop and I kept awwing over the cute animals. (I want a degu cause they're so cute.) I've got a clone trooper cake (over a Dalek one, cause the dalek one was bout half the size and only 50p less... and it was iffy looking). Mum also let me get Doctor Who adventures and a battle droid (the Clone Wars figures are £2 less then everywhere else, so I may go there when money's in).

Of course walking back with stuff has made my arms tired so... I'm useless.

Tuesday I'll be taking pictures of everything, cause I'm odd like that.

I've just watched the latest Clone Wars ep. It was awesome (though Padme's voice slightly annoys me for some reason). Why was it awesome:
*Maglev trains
*Padme really goes through her Nubian ships doesn't she? Let's hope she has insurance
*The whole Padme thing reeks of Palpatine being evil
*R2 and 3P0 being together
*Grievous being all badass (and hitting his droids)
*Obi-Wan's creative uses of droideka
*Battle droids being funny as always (god's they're awesome)

Next week's ep doesn't look as good, but we'll see.

There's a clip of Kit from his ep and I really hope that's not his voice. It sounds so wrong. So very wrong (though if I remember the clip of him from the game had his voice completely different so...). Though the bit of him vs Grievous is awesome.

Merlin soon, yay!
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