October 7th, 2008

Jay Cock!

Cut it out for me this time

I've had another eh day. Two hours at that center sent me crazy and ill (seriously, I felt sick and lost my vision), so I was home by 1. I'm not going tomorrow cause I know it'd be the same. As long as I feel ok, me and Mikey'll be going to his tomorrow.

Mostly I've been on Pokemon and we watched the two Harold and Kumar films.

I'll get Kerrang, Rock Sound and maybe something else when we go.

Once I'm gone I probably won't be on really till I return Sunday. E-mail anything important.

I've finally started the Matthew/Gareth fic after getting an idea. It'll be short and I dunno if it'll be good. Should have it done soon.

I'm probably shuffling the Into The Darkness parts around. I don't feel it's right to do the Omar part now so it'll be one of the others. I might write ideas while on the road. (And ideas/fics for random airings, which I always seem to do.)

Au revoir.
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