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September 15th, 2008

MINIMCR Mikey Unicorn

The Sith always betray each other

So today was as I expected. Slow, boring and filled with paperwork.

The bastard that I hate has resigned though, so yay! I've got no answers about anything really. I have to go in a full day tomorrow and find out then. Likely I'll not have a lunchbreak (since they break for lunch the same time I'm meant to start) but there might be leeway. I might end up being at that dumb place every day for the five weeks, which would make me choke people with their own entrails.

I might not be able to go to The Blackout, depending on how they work out time off. If I do it means I have to at least go one way the long way, which will make me pissed off and irritable. It depends on if they calculate the time I have off as 3 days or 1. If one, it's immpossible.

Another bad thing about today? I turned a corner and got hit by a dude on a bike, right in the chest. Fucker barely said anything.

We did literacy and numeracy tests today and Maris (the good teacher thing, who's name always reminds me of Frasier) gave me this look while marking and mouthed something, with a thumbs up. I wasn't paying attention, but I think I got highest again.

I made the call, but they don't deal with it. I have to take it up with the job center in Cannock. If I'd known I'd have been able to sort it today. Gah. I'll try tomorrow

I look forward till Wednesday, causa cards.

And Friday, cause mum's agreed to preorder The Force Unleashed off HMV (for the free Stormtrooper). Means money's no issue right away for me. And hopefully ripping the galaxy apart will calm me down. I still need an icon for it. Perhaps the Apprentice or the rancor. I've found new caps. Bastard Americans get it already. Maybe I'll get it early from HMV. That'd make me happy.

For now I might just write about killing someone pretty.

Edit: Claire, you have that vid from Punk Rock Holocaust 2 where Ray/Frank dies? I can't find. I rememebr you posted it.

And also... Ray is so hot
Jay Cock!

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