August 10th, 2008

Matt/Padge Bondage

Are you quite done using your powers for evil?

I read something that disgusted me completely yesterday. In America the stupid religious right are doing something in California against the same sex marriage stuff. They're using 15 million dollars. See, this is why I hate religion. Their mandate is to help people. Well, that amount of money could help feed the starving, house the homeless, heal the sick and other good, worthwhile things. Instead they chose to fucking waste it on their own pettiness. They make me feel so sick.

Onto better things (but honestly, there's not much worse then the bullshit they do).

I know have a horde of Clone Wars pics to use for icons. I dunno which I'll choose for here. Maybe one with Rotta, Kit, Grievous or Asajj. We'll see which is best I guess. I'll probably do some later.

We went to the beach today, though it was a bit eh. We went to the rock pools but to get to them was impossible due to sludgey stuff. We ate, then went to shops and I got Kerrang (does Oli ever smile?), Doctor Who Adventures and a Clone Wars sticker album (the stickers are 40p though).

I'm gonna call up tomorrow so I can go home Saturday (if I can't do it then it'll just be a rush). That means I can see Clone Wars with Mikey (and the Mummy 3, which I wouldn't see alone). Also tomorrow we're going into town for a bit, which is good.

I hate my I-pod piece is broke. It sucks I only have one earphone working. I'll have to try putting the new Torchwood soundtrack on it at some point, I wanna listen to it more.

I'm going upstairs now to pester Mikey.
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