August 8th, 2008

Jay Cock!

Come back here

My throat's still sore and I lost my voice again. I can talk slightly now, but I prefer not to since it hurts and is ununderstandable. I actually managed to get sleep last night, which was a plus.

Mikey's better at looking after me nows cause he's not as bad.

My e-mail's being really weird, not getting e-mails for some reason. Bah.

I made up the WALL-E models today. EVE was such a bitch to do. Gah. I managed to do her though after ages. The tabs are showing a little on some though, but Mikey appears to be sorting them.

I wanna type up the fic, but Mikey's mum makes me uncomfortable. Bah. I meant to do it yesterday but couldn't. Perhaps tomorrow. I'm stuck on the Tokio fic. My brain's been dead with it.

I now know how Into The Darkness is gonna end. Now just to get there.

Mum called yesterday, being annoying as hell, but when isn't she?

Mcfly was on today doing a thing playing five of their videos they chose. Well, it was meant to. Most of them were totally wrong. Scarily.

We had Kerrang radio on and they played MSI. It literally hurt my ears. Fuck, ugh. I hate them. Oddly they played the same Panic!, FOB and Elliot Minor songs twice over the course of the one show. Odd.

Anyone got the new Biffy Clyro song? It's stuck in my head.

We're going to Tesco later hopefully. If they have the latest Doctor WHo cheap I can get it with Kerrang.

The dogs have been a pain today.

When I'm home I'm gonna watch Episodes I, II and the first volume of the animated Clone Wars before Friday.

This post seems very disjointed and random... well, that's cause it is I guess. And I'm sure I had something else random to say but... I can't remember.

Lastly there's a pic of me from Tuesday, with the Face Of Boe. (There are other pics with me but photobucket refuses to load them.)

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