July 20th, 2008


The classic bad wolf scenario

So Doctor Who series 1 is finished now, onto series 2 today. 2 is better then one. For some reason I want to get to the Ood eps quick. I've been meaning to watch it a few times.

I went and got the Sunday Mail with Mcfly's cd today and got served by the nice lady at the Co-Op (you know Mikey, the one we like) she was nice as always and not annoyed by all the 2ps I had to use. The cd has hated me though, not wanting to work on the comp at first.

I had a dream but it's vague and I can only remember Gerard in it. A dream I had yesterday involved a school. Strange.

Now I'm finishing of the boss battles on Smash Brothers. Hopefully this'lll be the last time I have to do it on normal. I dread to do it on Hard/Very hard/Intense... or with 9 other characters.

Anyway, that's all I think. For now.
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