July 13th, 2008

Adipose Wave

More then pawns in a chess game

Last night was the same as before, not sleeping till early. Also, I was woke at an obscene time again. Bah. Stupid Danny.

Now there's loud noise outside. Annoying.

I watched Little Britain to make sure the disc was ok and it's fine, so yay!

I'm working on two fics (the next part of girl!Ray and a Doctor Who fic set during the year that never was) and I think I'll do one based on that Bullet interview too. One will be finished today.

I've decided to post some requests in hopes some will get done. You can do them as short or as long as you want. I really, really hope that some of you take these annd try to do them, even if you just post them as anon or something. These are rather random (and I managed to refrain from doing more then two Jay fics) as I came up with them today. I decided on thirteen(an odd number I know, it was originally ten) and here they are. Pics included!

Link/Pit: Wing-fic/halo bondage
Bob Bryar/anyone: Bob wakes up as a girl (group sex a plus, bonus if it's Worm)
Ianto Jones/10: BDSM
Bert Mccracken/Matt Tuck: Scat
Ben Jorgenson/anyone (possibly William Beckett or Patrick Stump): Double-ended dildo
Padge/Jay James: Crossdressing
Ray Toro/Ilan Rubin: Anything really, the pairing really needs to be written (bonus points for a perving Ian or Bob)
Jepha Howard/Dan Whitesides: Kinky sex
Matthew Leone/Nathan Leone/Gerard Way/Mikey Way: Incestual bonding [Done]
Jay James/anyone: Anything again
Omar Abidi/anyone: Arm porn
Prince Ralis: Underwater sex
Spencer Smith/anyone: dom!Spencer

Ideas that can be put with ny:
*Schoolgirl outfits
*Tentacle rape
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Jay Cock!

Expect the unexpected

I could do a geeky ramble bout Doctor Who again, but I'll refrain.

Yay for Sarah Jane trailer (though I misseded most of it, I did see a Sontaran though) bring on Autumn!

I'm finishing fic now.
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