April 22nd, 2008

Jay Cock!

The idiot's array

I wasn't gonna make a post till later, but I figured I should do one now... just cause.

Happy birthday Annie! I'm almost finished with your cest fic, it should be done very very soon. In the next hour or so.

I've also started a slightly AU fic based on an idea I've had for a very long time, so I'll probably get that done tonight too.It's mostly Bob/Bert, though there are a few others in it. After that, I'll finish the other fics I have open (Bullet ones).

We went to the cemetary today. There were loadsa squirrels, about 4, all running about. They're so cute with their jumping and they didn't run away.

I got pepsi earlier, enough to last me awhile... or so I thought. I got three bottles and one's already gone. Eeep.

After Friends at 8 I'll watch single female lawyer Ally Mcbeal until that boxset's finished. Then I'll move onto Millennium tomorrow.

I'm changing some icons now then going back to writing.
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