April 14th, 2008

Jay Cock!

We'll last longer then we will against that Death Star

Good things about today:
*My head is finally clear and has been most of the day
*I have net connection
*Finding out the next series of Heroes has a release date here. On the 24th

Bad things about today:
*Net connection's IE, so I still have no aim and I'll sometimes click links on AOL and lose the connection
*Still not talked to mum so I have no explanation for yesterday
*Block. Why can't it let me finish that one stupid fic I have open, then I can go on break like I was meant to?
*I'm not ready for tomorrow

I know most, if not all of you have seen these memes before, but I think they are alot of fun and a great way of getting to know the people on your flist more. I'd really like all of you to do this with me, so please comment and I will pick 7 of your interests from your profile and you will tell me more about them and what they mean to you. Post this, along with your answers to your journal so that others can play along! Sound fun? You bet you sweet buppy it does!
anniebean did this first and she asked me more then 7 so...
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I'm gonna go do pizza now.

And I keep playing this song for some reason.
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Jay Topless and perving

On His Neck

On His Neck
Pairing: Jay James/David Desrosiers/Pierre Bouvier/Worm
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Warnings: Slight BDSM, slavery, slight scat, other things implied
Notes: Originally Jay was meant to have more slaves (Bob and Ray) but I decided not to. He was also meant to be harsher, but I guess that didn't pan out.
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Leonecest Laying and sitting

I see it all now

Why is it sunny and warm outdoors and cold indoors? I kept overheating cause I wore layers.

I hope you're ok Darla. Love you, good luck.

Jay's had to leave the TOC tour cause his girl's ill. Poor Jay. I keep forgetting he has a kid. I hope she gets better.

Today's been odd.

I got Thrice and Elliot Minor. Does anyone else looks at Elliot Minor's sleeve and think 'Black parade'? Cause the layout/background/font is scarily identical to it's sleeve. Hmmm.

I got more minis too. I got an ok box I think. I got Darth Krayt (yay super rare goodness) and a dug fringer, but most of the rest I had. I now have about half of the non-rares I want from the set, so I can still get a few more boxes over time.

I got a load of dvds from Blockbuster for only £1.99 each. There's Robot Wars, Dark Fury, a Star Trek one... and load of Yu-Gi-Oh. Yeah, I felt odd only having one so got all the ones that led up to it. So now I can watch it from the start and hopefully understand it better. And if I don't understand it... well, at least I didn't spend 4 times as much plus on them.

My Star Wars cards finally arrived today. Huzzah! I've put some of em away, doing the rest cause I have more sleeves.

So I'm gonna do that now and put my new cds on the comp.
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