March 11th, 2008

ROTS Obi Shocked


Holy fuck

I am... shocked.

But at least it's over. I hope it is.

One thing this has proven though is just how childish she can be, which is far more then I imagined.

Edit: A huge thanks to everyone that defended me/made posts/comment and generally be'd sweet. Thank you all.
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Waycest Stare

I Know

I Know
Pairing: girl!Gerard Way/girl!Mikey Way
POV: Mikey
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Femmeslash, blindfolds, strap-on's
Notes: This is my first piece of femmeslash porn. I hope I've done it ok (I've always been nervous about doing one so...) Anyway, here it is.
Dedications: bloodyhands, unknown_portal and fastbetty31 for requesting it (I truly hope this is ok)
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Jay Cock!

The line is a dot to you

Today has been way more better then yesterday.

Today owns yesterday.

So the course today wasn't in the normal place... but in a pub. That's amusing on it's own. I ended up next to this nice girl called Helen who had a laptop and was playing music (music being FOB, Elliot Minor... Westlife). So we had a nice talk. The teacher was Maris who's the nicest one there. Way better then Dave the arse.

In the afternoon we had a quiz. Our team didn't do too well. Eeep. Some of the questions were hard though!

I did the fic for Claire, which I'm typing now, even though she might not read. (I'll do you something else too if you don't).

We've got tomorrow off, which I was gonna have off anyway so... bonus. We're back in that pub Thursday.

After I withdrew my money and waddled to Woolworths. I got four Doctor Who figures (The Editor, 9th Doctor, Destroyed Cassandra and Doctor Constantine) and Boba Fett.

The best thing about today is that nan made it out of the home. She's changed homes today and the move could have killed her. With the weekend being filled with stuff and yesterday's bitchiness I forgot about it. Though I'm glad I did. today I was worrying like crazy.

I wish yesterday would go away, it still hurts but less so. Meh. I don't want anything else started though. This is why I shy so much away from the MCR fandom and why I don't post outside my journal.

I'm thinking about doing a Star Wars icon to fulfil the last icon slot. I'm gonna find the lyrics to Mama cause I think I can use that.

Bullet's new video's out. Jay's adorable and there's lotsa Matt skin.

Tomorrow's a strange day.

Edit: From now (10:22) I won't be online. I'm typing up fic, then posting it and just... not doing anything else. I feel stupid. What else is new?

I dunno when I'll be back on. It won't be tomorrow, it might be Thursday. I'm weak willed but I can try and stretch it as long as possible.
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