March 10th, 2008

Jay Cock!

Back to the street where we began

Today has been a day of wrong, wrong, wrong.

Meaning, a lot has fucked up.

What's gone wrong:
*Doing no writing today when I was meant to start femmeslash for Darla
*Forbidden Planet not having the Star Wars book I really wanted (I knew I shoulda got it when I saw it at Kerrang)
*Forgetting to look for Stephen Hawking's book
*Nowhere having The Blackout's single
*Oasis being shut so babu couldn't get what he wanted (Tunnels and second set of piercings)
*The other sci-fi shop being shut
*The cold
*Missing the last train (there was one an hour before usual) so we had to go to Wolverhampton and get a taxi


Of course, there were good things:
*Having loads of Mcdonalds
*Getting loads of new Doctor Who cards (why isn't there an Astrid yet damnit?)
*Getting Pocketmodels (though still no Lucrehulk damnit! But there is some new ones so...)
*Getting two cheap Star Wars graphic novels (Zam and Jango)
*Getting the first issue of that cool planet thing (I might not get the rest though, we'll see). I forgot about it so I didn't look on the trip. it's totally cool it has Ceres and Eris though.
*Forbidden Planet bags having Torchwood on)
*Before I went I bought some more Star Wars cards (including a Leia, the Death Star and Superlaser) so I have to send a cheque for them soon
*I got the last Pokemon thing, so now I have the full set: Turtwig was last
*The taxi driver being nice

About the gig:
*Getting a nice tee... oddly it has teeth
*The support acts are alright I guess, nothing special. the first one had Brendon come on mid-song, he looked nice in a leather jacket thing.
*There was a cutes gay couple holding hands< 3
*Getting a nice view (normally I can never see drummers there so I've missed both Dan's, Gavin and Omar before so I feared I'd miss Spencer)
*Having a nice old lady stand on the chair behind me when it started
*Oh gods, Spencer, Spencer, Spencer. His neck is fucking goregous! Gods. he is so totally beautiful (and defiantely my fav member as if there was any doubt). The facial hair's starting to suit him
*I'm finally starting to think Brendon's alright again (Ryan looked awful)
*Jon being totally adorable. He talked a lot, they couldn't get him to shut up < 3 So cute. And he wsaid 'we are Panic! At the Disc' three times
*Spencer clapping's so cute
*Brendon chatting up the whole single population of the venue
*Ryan dedicating a song to Jon (I think it was Lying)
*Getting a tee outside the venue, though paying too much
*Nicking one of the Academy's Panic! posters (which was cool, I've never had a Venue one before)... and getting one outside
*Most of the time was spent going between Spencer and Jon. They are my fav two members.
*the whole room screaming 'whore'
*Seeing Zack a few times

The new songs, I guess I'll know if if I defiantely like them when I hear the proper versions. Right now I think they're pretty good, but I need to make out Brendon's voice better.

So, Darla, I've yet to start fic, but I will tomorrow. (Any tips on oral would be awesomeness.)

I might take a sick day off due to tiredness.

Anyway this was in my LJ inbox when I got back. how absolutely fucking mind-blowingly hot is that? I could stare at that all night. It's by l_a_m_n
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Jay Cock!


Some people are so stupid. Honestly.

It's raining and windy and wah. I hate when the weather's like that. It's evils. If it's like this on our anniversary we won't be going back to Birmingham (we'll order in Domino's and go Saturday instead). Sigh. Still, I won't be on much that day.

Anyway, we have chips. So, yay! So I'm gonna eat those, then I'll start thee femmeslash.

I'm scared that the folders are in the loft. I'll check soon.

Anyway, food calls.

Edit: Anyone friends with 67 will be deleted after midnight. That little bitch.

Those people are azrielen crimsonmoonlite and mizuki_cass
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