March 6th, 2008

Padge Wet

Lurking in the darkness

How cute was Jack and Ianto in Torchwood? They're so adorable together.

I tried to fic, but nothing's come so... I'll try tomorrow. I've spent most of today in bed anyway so... thank fuck for a day off. Tomorrow will be boring no doubt, but then again I might get sent back again. I might call beforehand.

I also haven't talked to mum tonight, giving her the silent treatment for being a bitch.

Anyway, tonight I got bored so I did this pairing thing. I blame seeing a Bob/Ray thing at bandom_ships. Now I was gonna do ten, but I ended up doing 15 instead causa how many MCR ones I did. Photobucket hates me lately, so there won't be links to pics (but I assume most of you will know who's who).

15 pairings I'd like to see more of.

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Jay/Padge Porn searching

And in the darkness bind them

I've had today off, since it's a waste to travel there just to be sent back. Also the stuff I'd do today I've probably covered before so... pointless.

If I've missed anything I can catch it tomorrow, which is the discussion day. First time round I thought it was alright so...

I've been wired today, but I haven't been able to do much outta fear of waking Mikey. Sometimes I hate everything being in the same room. I've wanted to write but can't, since typing=loud. Sigh.

The other two Millenium boxsets have came, as has the Panic! tickets. Yay!

Someone called today but I missed it and don't recognise the number.

Later we'll be off to Blockbuster again I think.

I think I'll get the solar system thing that's out.

I'm gonna try go back to Plaything tomorrow or Saturday, since I really wanna get back into that. Today/tonight I'll try and do the Matt/Padge and then... who knows. I kinda wanna do a hermaphrodite Jay causa all those dreams.

Now I've decided to do a little ficlet thing. What this means is I'll do 10 ficlets (each a little around longer then the bfmv100) for 10 people.

Now, some rules for it:
*Everyone's allowed to make one request (until I've had them from 10 people)
*If you want you can have two or three possible choices for me, then I'll decide which I can work with
*I won't do Frankie/Gerard or Brendon/Ryan (there's a good chance if you request Brendon or Frankie fic in general I won't do it so if you ask for either, give a second option)
*If you ask for two or more I might do them all if I get ideas (this doesn't take away from the 10)
*Requests can be crossovers
*All requests must be in the fandoms listed below and done in the layout below
*As you know, I'll pretty much do anything so don't be afraid to ask (if you want someone to be a girl or if you want someone's eyes ripped out, fucked by tentacles or chained upside down with their toes being sucked... it's all good)

Fandoms I'll do:
30 Seconds To Mars (but Shannon pairings may not be done, so ask for two), AFI, Aiden, Bring Me The Horizon (includes Tom Sykes), Bullet For My Valentine, Fall Out Boy, Fightstar, Good Charlotte, Johnny Devine, Lostprophets, Machine Head, Madina Lake, Muse, My Chemical Romance (I include Cortez and Worm in this), Panic! At The Disco (includes Zack), Resident Evil (games and films), Simple Plan, Star Wars, The Academy Is..., The Blackout, The Legend Of Zelda, The Used, Tokio Hotel, Torchwood, Trivium, Zacky Vengeance (but not the rest of Avenged)

(If I've missed one, which I might have, feel free to call me on it and make sure).

Pairing/fandom: (this can be a threesome or more but try and keep it five tops k?)
Any ideas you have: (As in if you have something specific in mind, if you don't, that's ok too but remember it'll be shortish)
Anything you'd like to see: (BDSM, bestiality, gore, scat, vampirism etc if there's something really specific you'd like bold it)
Anything you'd not want: (try not to be too limiting here)

Now, although not necessary, I'd like to be able to get something back as well. So if you'd like to do me something in return, that's brilliant, just say. (A pairing from the previous post would be awesome.)
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