February 18th, 2008

Jay Cock!

I'm sensing a mood

Anyone that hasn't please vote in poll.

Updated fic to-do list. Bold ones are ones which I'm working on now/trying to work on. Striked ones are done.

Titled fics
*End Of Days [Working title] (Jay James/Moose)
*Kerrang Tour 2008 [Just in case I have a clear idea]
*Kidnapped By The Hill Folk: Part 2 (Gerard Way/?)
*Plaything: Part 14 [Was gonna be Jay/Ray but I had an idea today] (Charlie Simpson/To be revealed)
*Prototype (Jay James/Moose)
*Scream Aim Fire (Jay James/Matt Tuck)
*Wake The Dead [undecided]

*Bob Bryar/Mikey Way/Ray Toro [Possible follow-up to Love The Pain, BDSM]
*Bob Bryar/Mikey Way [Bob's drugged and raped]
*Bob Bryar/Ray Toro
*Dan Torelli/Tomo Milicevic [Rough sex and blood]
*Dan Whitesides/Bert Mccracken/Jepha Howard/Quinn Allman
*Gareth Lawerence/Sean Smith [cucumber]
*Gerard Way/Jay James/Matt Tuck/Mikey Way/Moose/Padge [Torture fic]
*Ian Watkins/Sean Smith [Maybe with someone from The Blackout, with vomit and dildos]
*Ian Watkins/Sean Smith/Others of Blackout? [Ian's idea for the video...]
*Ilan Rubin/Undecided [Might be more then one person]
*Matt Heafy/Paolo Gregoletto [Undecided yet, might have Corey too]
*Matt Tuck/Padge [BDSM]
*Mikey Way/Spencer Smith/William Beckett
*Mikey Way/Worm

Possible future ones:
*Andy Hurley/Patrick Stump/Pete Wentz [BDSM]
*Bert Mcracken/Billy Martin/Paul Thomas
*Bert Mccracken/Pete Wentz
*Bill Kaulitz/Tom Kaulitz [Something kinky]
*Ian Watkins/Oli Sykes
*Ian Watkins/undecided
*Jade Puget/Undecided
*Johnny Devine/Undecided
*Mikey Way/Spencer Smith/William Beckett
*Moose/wiL Francis
*Robb Flynn/Undecided
*Shannon Leto/Undecided [the one I ended up mentioning to Anita, through Mikey]
*Zacky Vengeance/undecided
*No pairing yet [based on The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies lyrics]
*No pairing yet [based on the bound Bullet shoot]

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Edit: Can anyone get The New Regime's music? Is there a way to rip it or something?
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Matt Cuffed and peeking

Remind me of this war time

I've cancelled some of the stuff I've ordered. Namely the Mandolarian sets, Battlefront sets and a few others. When Mikey's here next, I they're still the same sort of price, I might get him to order them for me and give the money. I've not canncelled the individual figures, TNA or preorders.

Some of the stuff arrived this morning, namely the first three figures (C-3P0, Darth Malak and Droideka) and the first three dvds (The Sarah Jane Adventures, Torchwood boxset and Resident Evil Extinction). Resident Evil Extinction has a perdy cool holographic cover.

Thanks to kellysaysrawrrx I now have The New Regime's stuff on my comp. Huzzah!

I almost forgot about Skins tonight. Eeep. I'll watch that after Life in Cold Blood, then watch BBC3 for the funny's.

I'll try to watch Sarah Jane and Resident Evil Extinction tonight too. Plus I'm close to the end of Super Mario World, so I'll get on that.

I'm currently working on the Sean/Ian fic, cause I seem to have inspiration for it.

Why does crossbow1 lack logic? She's just said that Waycest is yuck, but I've seen her post on fuckyou before about Waycest fics. Stop wasting your life reading fics you know you will hate just to mock them you stupid bitch!

Things I'm doing over the next week:
*Tomorrow: possible Torchwood run (bar Out Of Time)
*Wednesday: Job Center of shitness. No doubt they'll have a go, but la la la I'm not listening. Means I can get pizza's though.
*Wednesday: Pull out reference books for End Of Days and Scream Aim Fire (meaning cover the bed in books and folders, using scraps of paper to bookmark the pages)
*At an undecided day: watch Blade Runner
*Sometime next week: Get Kit's stafighter

Writing-wise (over the next week+):
*Plaything Part 14
*The Used GSF
*End Of Days/Scream Aim Fire

Edit: And I just lost all of the Sean fic due to knocking out the stupid ass plug. Bah.
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Jay Cock!

You're crazy lady! Screwed up in the head!

Oh gods, Sketch on Skins is such a fucking obsessive, crazed freak. Scary is what she is.

But yay for Maxxie being topless again. He's so hot. And has a nice ass. Please make out with a hot non-chav guy. I knew he'd only kiss a chick for a play.

The blonde, rich bint is an insult to Princess Leia. Gah!

Erm... what else?

I watched Resident Evil Extinction. Well, half watched cause I was retyping fic (which has lost it's original start). Still so many loose ends. There should be a sequel. With Alice clones making out?

Resident Evil 5 looks awesome, but so hard. Swarms of fast black dudes running at you is not a good thing unless machine guns and grenades are prevailent.

When's Umbrella Academy out here?
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