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February 17th, 2008

Jay Cock!


Pairing: Dan Torelli/Matt Tuck
Rating: NC-17
POV: Dan
Warnings: Dildo, rimming
Notes: inspired by Dan's pirate fixation. Poll tomorrow.
Dedications: antontobias86, fastbetty31, the_glory_days, bloodyhands mikeyface
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Jay Cock!

While I'm Around

Spike was in Millenium in a doctor's mask thing! He look so hot.

Beware: major, major geekness ahead (due to coverage of the Toy Fair that started yesterday).

Before I start it though, I 'll just say there's still some Star Wars sets I need from last year. Most notably the AT-RT one (which I may pass on) and the Elite Forces Of the Republic (which I'll totally get later this year). Also, I'll get Kit's fighter when next in Walsall cause I know there'll be a Kit for it now. I think those are the main ones I wanted last year but didn't get for whatever reason, so I'll try and get them in the next month or so.Anyway, new things at Toy Fair I want:
*All of the figures from the Clone Wars wave (from the first one)
*Leia and Xizor comic pack (cause Leia's outfit is awesome for once)
*The Kit and astromech two pack
*The Watto and astromech two pack (hell, may as well get the lot for C-3PX)
*Tsu Choi's order 66 pack (cause he's so cute!)
*At least one build-a-droid R7 unit, cause they look awesome (and the R4's, cause they're cool too)
*New Clone Wars R2
*V-19 Torrent Starfighter (and no, I will not shorten the name. It irks me almost as much as them calling Jedi Interceptors starfighters)
*Possibly the Hoth battle Pack with the new imperial probe droid
*Both of the Legacy comic packs (cause Cade is hot)
*The comic pack with Thrawn causa the cute ickle ysalamiri
*The Ewok with wokling cause it's cute.
*The Padme evolutions set (from Queen to Senator to preggo!)

But, most importantly, I want the huge freaking sweet Rancor. It looks so fucking awesome and massive and.... gimme! It's totally gonna be my birthday present. Oh yeah.

I've probably missed something (and there haven't been pics of other Force Unleashed or Lego sets) so I'll fanboy more later too. One thing's for sure though, by the end of 08 I'll have a shitload more astromech droids running around.

Just a quick poll before I run and eat. It was gonna be more then one question, but tis is the main one. I might do a follow up later though.

Poll #1139850 Random

Which band/bands should I fic more of?

Which band/bands should I fic more of?

Ilan Ray-like grin

Can't escape

Because people with fro's are awesome

Cause mum's been a bitch today play.com has had a another series of purchases. Oops. Still, all were cheaper then they would be elsewhere.
Jay Cock!

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