January 28th, 2008

TP Midna Shadow crystal

Then you are the machine

Meh, why is it everything I try and do ends up wrong?


I've got no drink at all and the machine I went to check money on isn't working.

I'm gonna go hibernate.
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    Bullet For My Valentine - Deliver Us From Evil
Jay Cock!

A blockage that actually works

I hate today. I'm all achy, got none of the things I wanted to do sorted and just feel... meh.

Also I've got block and can't seem to write anything at all.

Pictures of Bert topless make me happy though.

I think I'll go to bed soon. I might join write_the_songs but I can't decide what to do yet.

I hate that the Give It A Name line-up was meant to be confirmed today and it still isn't. Useless people. There's loadsa rumored bands and some would be enough to make me wanna go, but I want confirmation first.
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    Bulelt For My Valentine - Take it Out On Me