January 10th, 2008

Jay Cock!

One last chance to reverse this curse

It's cold. I hate the cold. Bah.

I have a big jar of jelly beans, a misplaced Christmas present, though I'm not hungry. I've got no drink.

Finished Kirby, so that's 2 of the downloaded games on the Wii done.

I also finished Pokemon Battle Revolution last night. Well, the main bit anyway. I now have surfng Pikachu.

I just heard something but I dunno what it is. It wasn't me or mum. Odd.

I'm looking for several things and I dunno where to look so could people help?
*Pictures/a primer of Escape The Fate
*Pictures/primer/music of Tokio Hotel
*Fightstar pictures
*Madina Lake pictures
*The Blackout pictures
*Lostprophets pictures
*Pictures of Robb Flynn
*Lostalone/It Dies Today/Bleed The Dream's music
*The first Resident Evil album
*Bob as The Used's tech
*Pics of Bert molesting/kissing boys
*Videos of Johnny Devine wrestling
*Pokemon Battle Revolution PAL codes

I'm sure there was other random things too. But I forgot them.

Also does anyone know where you can get Revolver magazine from?
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    The Blackout - Murder In the Make Believe Ballroom