December 21st, 2007

MM Skull Kid Defeat me?

Dawn of the third day, 24 hours remain

My i-pod's died on me! It refuses to even come on even after being charged last night. Anyone know why?

Claire's here! Yay! I'll send her to you Darla

Today's been very prroductive. I left at 10:20 and went past the farm with the ickle horses. One came up to me. So adorable! I had to pet him. He was all tiny and cute.

I hate the cold and the train journey was eh. It was a packed bus but at least I read.

Met Claire at the station and went around Birmingham. Got mum and babu's present's, some Star Wars stuff (including a figure, minis and pocketmodels), a cheap Doctor Who figure, some magazines, some Pokemon stuff and other stuff. Got the Bullet calendar. It's hot and inspiring. We had sushi! YAY!:D

Plus we got some dvds from Blockbuster so I now have Donnie Darko Director's Cut and Cube Zero.

Where's all the gay porn?

Now I'm gonna waddle off. Read fic I posted earlier.

Edit: And now my Wii has net! WOO! Claire=awsomeness< 3
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