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November 23rd, 2007

Jay Cock!

Once I had the things you want, now I have something you need

Belated happy turkey day oh strange Americans. Now I believe it's something called Black Friday where there's made savings on toys and stuff. That's something I'm more interested in then eating a turkey.

I spent most of last night looking for the power lead to my old computer to get a disk out of it. Needless to say, I failed. Damn lead.

I watched Heroes last night, cause I missed it last week and obviously did Wednesday. Poor ickle Hiro getting beaten up. And gods Sylar's hot, but then he's always hot but he was't in it enough. I don't like that future Hiro died though cause it wasn't Sylar doing the killing.

Today I'm being dragged out shopping with mum. Oh joy. Then it's going to the home. Sigh. Least I can get some things I need though.

Once I'm back I might go back to writing cause I just had block last night. Bah. Least it came after I ficced.

Mum's job started last night, well the training part did. It might come in useful cause they've got a sale on on stuff.

Tomorrow will be spent with me hiding, because tomorrow's a bad day. After going to the grave I'll pretty much either be hiding in bed or finding a way to distract myself online or on the Wii.
Jay Cock!

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