November 7th, 2007

ROTS Padme Ruminations

Wires suck

Anyone that I've given fic previews to (I know I have given one to at least fastbetty31) of the Support Act sequel, could you post the link here pwese?

Stupid wires.
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Jay Cock!

Look, I'm still breathing

Does anyone have the Elliot Minor singles they could send me. The quality of the ones I've found isn't the best. I heard/saw the White One Is Evil last night and loved it. Plus, they're so pretty, who knew?

Been to Job Center today, which was fairly simple thankfully.

Last night was spent on Sonic (which can get far too actively, like any Wii game in existance it seems). The room's power ended up off which meant I lost all the fic. I'd thought I'd saved what I'd done to the Support Act sequel, but I hadn't so the 2ish pages I've done is now all gone. Bah. Thankfully the bit fastbetty31's sent back shall help, even though twas the middle of what I'd got.

I'm still hoping it to be one of the fics I do before I go. There's that, the Luke/Jack one (which I started and lost too) and 5 Dreams. 5 Dreams might be finished as opposed to just having a part done. We'll see.

Tomorrow will be spent looking for the Umbrella Academy, Friday will be up for the MCR Radio 1 interview and Saturday shall be be spent with me watching the Kylie thing.

Mum's decided she's going to sue the doctors causa grandad. There was surgery they did at the start of he year, which was minor but seems to have disturbed the cancer that was there making it spread everywhere as fast as it did. Ergo the suing.

It's been ages since I've head MCR properly. I guess I've not been in the mood. Whenever we went shopping I always used to have Three Cheers on and be singing along while running the trolley round, picking up masses of junk food and helping old ladies.

I find it strange that everytime I've seen them it's been at a different venue. I hope that Bob's there though. Not once has an MCR member been off at a show I've been to. I've missed Frankie being sick and Mikey being AWOL, so I don't want Bob to be gone this time. That'd make me sad.

Kerrang has about Mikey's return this week. Both pics have Gerard and Mikey. The writing on Gerard's arm amuses me though: 'Anytime You Want'.

I'm sure I had something else to ramble about, but it's gone now.

Why's the last week of January/first week of Febuary next year gotta have 4 gigs I wanna go to?
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