October 24th, 2007

Jay Cock!

One at a time

These days just get nice and worse don't they? Today I was woke by mum yelling. A nice, long, nasty fight ensued. She really just does not give a fuck about me at all.

She also decided to pull out the comp plug, so I lost the three fics I had open with something written. Bitch.

It scared babu so much she went outside.

Once nan goes I'll leave here I think. I wouldn't be surprised if that was soon cause life=bitch.

We went to Walsall today, but the money's not in so I couldn't get anything. It's not in till monday which sucks. Especially since the sci-fi shop decided to get new stuff in including the two Comic Packs I want.

Got Kerrang though. I wanna go to next year's Kerrang tour cause Fightstar and Madina are on it. Yeah, my mind's already working on what they'll be doing, cause I'm perverted like that. Other things: perdy MCR poster, perdy Sean and masturbating Tom Delonge.

Last night we watched the first Three Extremes. Ah, the Japanese are masters of horror. Though it can get confusing. Box was confusing. though it made me think of the Leone's.

I have 5 fics open to read, so I'll read them after this post. Sorry I haven't read em sooner:[

I've got 8 fics open to re-do/do and hopefully I'll get something done to calm me down. The fics are:
*2 Hearts (Sean Smith/Matthew Davies)
*5 Dreams (main pairing Waycest, but other'll be in it, most likely Bert/Bob)
*Coupon (Ray Toro/Mikey Way)
*Crystal Lake (Robb Flynn/Pete Wentz)
*Guys Like Us In Prison (Bob Bryar/Oli Sykes)
*Untitled Support Act Sequel
*Untitled Watcher sequel
*Untitled (Matthew Leone/Jeff Angel)
*Untitled (Mikey/Carlos)
*Untitled (Pete Wentz/Hemmingway)

Support Act sequel, Crystal Lake and 5 Dreams were the ones with something done. Sigh

It didn't register it was Black parade's anniversary till I saw it on my f-list. Strange it is.

Answers to mcr_fridayfive days late

Disregarding any consequences...
1. If there was one compliment you could give to Bob, what would it be? You can tie shoes really well;)

2. If there was one tip you could ask of Ray, what would it be? Well, a lot of people have asked 'how does it fit?' or something like that so I won't. I'd ask him how he manages his hair.

3. If there was one insult you could throw at Mikey, what would it be? Erm.... bad leaver! Bad! *hits him on the nose*

4. If there was one favor you could ask of Frank, what would it be? Stop kissing Gerard thanks

5. If there was one request you could ask of Gerard, what would it be? Go back to groping Mikey.... or kiss Bob
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ROTS Anakin Ruminations

So far away from you

So, yeah, today equals shit. I hate what's left of my family.

Mum's a bitch. She says I can't see nan anymore. Her brother also said grandad said not to trust me on his death bed.


Least Gerard's doing a signing.
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