October 17th, 2007

MM Skull Kid Defeat me?

We're too contagious

Babu came here yesterday, hence me being quiet and not posting. Or writing.

Today we're going to see nan/Resident Evil Extinction, so yay! Also gonna get Thrice's album and Star Warsness.

I'm wearing the Atreyu tee the_glory_days sent. Tis so perdy.

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I'll fill in the ones I missed when I return maybe.

Shall do nother post then. Might (but might not) write or something.
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Jay Cock!

All rising

Today's been a busy day. Alas, no Kerrang.

Nan spent the time we were with her asleep.

I went in the tattoo place. I now know what my first one'll be, whenever the money'll be in.

I got the Doctor Who Werewolf. I'm surprised it can stand.

Also got some Star Wars minis (only two new ones damnit) ickle unicorns and the Hostel 2 disc dvd. I got Thrice's album and the Resident Evil Extinction soundtrack, which I didn't expect to see so yay! babu got me my birthday present: tis the adorable Skelanimal Pen. Tis awww. Babu=love and adorable.

Yay for te Doctor Who boxsets being in the offer. I might get one and the ickle Tardis. The Reaper looks pretty cool but it'd be a bitch to stand up.

Resident Evil Extinction is all kinds of awesome.

Resident Evil musings:
*Are all the Umbrella facilities underground? How did they build one under Tokyo?
*How did the T-Virus mess with the water?
*Surely other areas are t-virus free, like Hawaii and other islands
*Why wasn't there more Alice clones being shown killed? (that'd have been cool)
*....Alice bodies
*Domesticating zombies? Crazy much
*Why redo the mansion and how to they have a pic of Alice and Spence?
*Holograms have vastly improved
*Was the research facility actually doing any other research apart from saving mankind?
*Why did LJ decide to keep his infection secret? Why not just kill himself. After all he's seen what happens.
*Where's Jill? And Angela for that matter?
*Mikey's cute, why did he have to die?
*Mikey/Carlos=hot sex
*Why is it I can picture Alice with every female that she encounters? Lisa, Raine, Jill, K-Mart, Claire... herself (I actually did start a Raine/Alice once...)
*Did Claire and the others survive?
*Why's Alice gotta be the only one that survives more then one film?
*Where are other survivors? Alice makes it seems like there's others, so where are they?
*Does Vegas really have all that stuff? I know bout the pyramid but not the tower
*Crimson Heads are smart and crazy
*So are doctors with tentacles
*I like the Doc's second in command... and the way he died
*Why does Alice have all these powers anyway?
*Girls CAN be turned off!
*Crazy hillybillies and their zombie dogs.
*I like the White Queen. She and her 'sister' are the only ones with sanity in the Umbrella Corp. Which makes me wonder why they care bout human life so much.
*I wish they'd do a vial thing as a replica. That'd be so awesome.

I wanna do Mikey/Carlos fic. I might. I'll have to do at least one of my others first, but I will do one.

Anyway, enough rambling. I want the dvd damnit. And a forth one.

Now I'm gonna go for a bit but keep Thrice on to listen through them. Later there's Heroes and I might write.

yay for eyes in jars!
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