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October 5th, 2007

Jay Cock!

Nothing that resembles a soul

Last night I ended up starting my House boxset. Yeah, first I start Doctor Who, then Buffy and now it's something else. I'm odd. (And I'll restart Doctor Who once babu's here). I'd forgotten how much I liked it. I'll watch more soon.

At some point I'll redo my info banners. I need to add stuff to em. And take some away.

I might get a long tailed lizard with my birthday money. Since babu's bringing a vivarium I reckon it won't be that much to get the other stuff I'd need.

The Blackout Wednesday < 3 Meeting bloodyhands again and more HMV discount abuse. Woop!

Resident Evil Extinction's next week too so yay.

I need to find my dress, I've no idea where it is.

Does anyone know why I-tunes syncs tracks to my pod in the wrong order? It keeps thinking that The End isn't the first black parade track and stuff which is annoying.

I'm going to finish the two standalones I have open, then go through the ones I've started (although some are just titles/pairings) and post a list tomorrow. I'll try and do the multi-parts too.

Anyway, I'm in a strange mood so before I clear the bed again I'm gonna leave some questions to be answered k?

Who're your favorite bands/artists?
What's your OTP(s)?
Do you have a favorite fic of mine? If so, which one (doesn't need to be title)
Should Watcher have a part 2?
Is there any pairing(s) you'd like to see me have a go at? (include pics please)
Are there any pairing(s) you'd like to see me have do more of? (include pics please)
Who's who in Escape The Fate? (I honestly have no idea and get the feeling some of you might know)
Who's the best drummer?
Incest pairings: good or bad?
Torture fic or smut fic?
Any three/moresome you'd like to read? (again, if pics if possible)
Any kinks you'd like to see in fics?
Any fic you'd like to rec me?
Any bands/films you'd like to rec me?
Any questions you'd like to ask me?

Edit: mcr_fridayfive
1.Is there a song that you hear (not an mcr one) that makes you think of the boys or just one of them?
I dunno. i could think of one if I put my mind to it but...

2. Do you have a OTP (One True Paring) in fan fic for the boys? If so, who?
I dunno anymore. It started off as Waycest but it's now either that, Gerard/Bob or Mikey/Ray. Hell, just make em all do it.

3. Is there anything that the boys (or one of them) has said that's really annoyed you or made you think WTF?
I dunno, probably...

4. Is there an MCR song that just plain annoys you? If so which one and why?
I Don't Love you/Teenagers. WTTBP is overplayed too... sigh.

5. Post your favourite picture of the group
This one ORGY!
Jay Cock!


Why aren't Escape The Fate allowed to come on the Taste Of Chaos dates?

I'm now eating pizza, highly confused and pondering writing.
Jay Cock!

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