September 15th, 2007

Jay Cock!

He's just all about the disembowelling isn't he?

I'm jealous of all Americans that can watch next weeks' Family Guy. It's an hour-long ep called Blue Harvest and it's a parody of Star Wars (Episode IV) that's totally made of awesome.

Hopefully we'll get it soon.

the_glory_days is totally made of awesome with Madina fic < 3 I'll totally read today.

Yesterday turned out... well, I dunno. Equal parts meh and not meh by the end.

The not meh parts:
*Getting Rock Sound (purely because it had the Madina twins on the cover with the words naked wrestling beneath, a sure fire way of getting me to buy anything)
*Getting some Pocketmodels/Doctor Who cards
*The prettyness of the place (with a flag outside and other stuff inside)
*MTV being outside interviewing people. I think I'm in the background a few times)
*Lots of free stuff (though they went overkill on the fortune cookiees)
*Getting a tee (purely cause it was shiny)
*Groping a guy's ass on purpose accidentally
*Tomo playing violin (did anyone know he could?)
*Pretty boys topless waiting outside, who cupped Jared's bollocks (their own words)
*Going to Tesco on thwe way home and getting Star Wars figs/iced tea

The meh parts:
*Mcdonalds getting my food wrong so my quarter pounder had nothing on it (as opposed to just not having cheese)
*Brixton being a bit of an eh place
*Standing in the line for 3 hours cause the guards were telling people not to sit
*More standing inside, followed by standing and moving through the crowd
*Feeling faint
*No signing afterwards (unlike the other two shows)

The worst part though, was losing my I-pod. Yep, it's gone. So that's about £200 of stuff that's just... gone. It clearly dropped out on the train but I dunno if it's be handed in, found later or if someone just took it.


Unlike some people, I intended that to be my one and only I-pod. I don't need every single different one, I don't see the point (like with mobiles), but now I'll have to get one. Probably with my birthday money, which sucks as I was gonna buy out Forbidden Planet with it.

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Jay Cock!


While earlier today all I wanted was to go home, now all I want is to stay.

AOL fucked up, so I won't have proper net for another 20 days. (Sure they sail dial-up but that's annoying and prone to screwing up even more).

Since when did mum make my decisions? I'm not a kid anymore, I don't need her deciding everything for me. I don't want no stupid interviews for things I don't want.
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