September 5th, 2007

Jay Cock!

Fuck you fuckyou_mcr

I'm sick of that site, so sick in fact I joined and made a post about it.

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Thank you to the various people that tell me about these things and actually defend me.

That place fills me with rage.

I'm going to get Kerrang now.

Edit: And it's been deleted already. Fuck em
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Ilan Ray-like grin

For nothing

I'm calmer now. Maybe it's the candy hearts, maybe it's the chocolates or maybe it's pawing over the Kerrang posters. I dunno.

Kerrang's got a new look. It's odd. I dunno if I like it. I know I don't like that info bout the next issue is now half a page with only a pic of one poster.

Everything about the awards amuses me. A pic of 30 Seconds with 'G-A-Y's that way' under it, Tom Delonge being an ass and Spencer being all cute. Plus finding out Sean was there, that was odd.

Does anyone know where The Sanctuary is in Birmingham? I've got a map up but the problem is it doesn't show the bull ring so I haven't got that as reference. I get the feeling it's near the coach station though.

If I can work out how to get there I'll go see Fightstar on the 6th.

Funeral For A Friend are doing a tour in November. I might go to that.

Last night I got TOTP, but only for the Harry poster. I also got the Tesco animal pen and notepad, plus elastic bands.

Gerard's 'marriage'. I don't buy it for a heartbeat. Why? Well, aside from the fact he's obviously gay, it's too fast.

How did I miss a Resident Evil trailer? I've managed to miss it for a month. It looks pretty cool.

I probably won't be going to 30 Second's.

I'll be up all Thursday night in case the Sail Barge comes early Friday.
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