August 25th, 2007

Jay Cock!

Crazy math

Today's been a lazy day. I've been on Pearl and raising Eevee's. I now have 6 of the 8 evolutions. I'm missing Umbreon and Espeon.

Goddess bless The Hits for putting on the Kerrang! awards thing. Things from it that are good are:
*Charlie presenting
*Bert for saying the booze was non-alcoholic (then a clip showing Enter Shikari totally drunk)
*Charlie being taped up (mostly by Omar, with the last bit done by Alex)
*Omar talking and sounding different to what I thought
*Spencer being there
*Joe and a monkey
*Andy talking
*Patrick looking so small compared to Charlie (but anyone does... Charlie/Patrick thoughts in my head now)
*Patrick talking
*Hearing Robb's voice
*Two Machine Head vids, though I prefer the Imperial one, despite him being wet in the first
*Charlie getting Enter Shikari drunk
*Tomo and Shannon being quiet
*Charlie attacking wiL
*Ian being odd
*Ray being even more adorable then ever with a puppy (though Bob was awol...)
*Madina < 3 and Nathan being a blabbamouth
*Omar being all adorable (despite his hair, I now love him more)
*The Kill being played, yay Tomo and furry loving
*Robb knowing who MCR and FOB are (and thinking they'd beat them)

I'll probably end up doing a few more Charlie/Fightstar in general fics causa this. Definately a Charlie/Patrick at least. And something with Omar.

Tomorrow we're going to Garden Centers and Toys R Us. Hopefully the journey's will be enough to kick start inspiration.
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Jay Cock!

The way I did before

Today we didn't do what we were going to. Which probably has worked out for the best.

The furthest we went was Tesco and once there I felt all... strange. I dunno how to describe it I was just like, lightheaded/stressed/had a bad feeling/needed to smoke/cut all at the same time. It was odd. Thankfully it's gone now, with the aid of watching adorable animals.

And hating the butchery that happens to them, cause it's truly awful (why they decided to show the fur hunting ones I dunno).

Tomorrow's Garden Center, Monday's Sunshine, Tuesday's The Used. Next week's a horse show thingy and, at some point, there's Toys R Us.
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