August 10th, 2007

Jay Cock!

Outta the way meatbag

From an interview with James from The Bled (who I dunno what he looks like).

To get a backstage insight on your touring buddies, just tell us the first thing that pops into your head:

My Chemical Romance?
Lets see here… one word. Awesome! We toured with them back before they had a huge stage show and they’re all sweet guys. Frankie has an affinity for big black dildos, and I have that same passion for them so we bond over that.

Babu sent it me.

Least it means Frankie can take care of himself when Mikey was with them (so it was Gerard/Mikey, Frankie/dildo, Ray/Bob or Gerard/Bob, Ray/Mikey, Frankie/dildo).

Last night was spent moving boxes. It's easier to move them at night cause it's dark, cool and there's no cars. We'll move the rest of the dvds and bed. Also we watched some more Doctor Who. Yay Captain Jack and the Face Of Boe.

I didn't do what I was the gonna do last night cause of it. Bah. I'll have a try today though.

Edit: What are your favourite songs to hear live?
The Ghost Of You, Thank You For The Venom and Mama < 3

Are you going to buy The Umbrella Academy when it comes out?
Of course! If I can get it here

Have any of the guys/the band as a whole lead you to discover something new that you maybe wouldn't have experienced otherwise?
Uh huh. At least Kill Hannah and Denali from the MCR cd they did with Kerrang. Probably other things too, but I can't think of them right now.

If you could give the band any sort of superpowers what would they be?
I'd want Mikey to have the come-back-right-now power. I'd want them all to be alelrgic to clohes (though that's not a superpower so...). Erm... I don't know about powers actually. Unless being even more gay is a power

Have you been to/are you going to a Projekt Revolution date?
No, sadly. I wish I coulda gone though (Linkin Park, Madina and MCR=< 3). I wish so much I coulda gone to the topless Toro date
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