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August 8th, 2007

Jay Cock!

Crystal clear

Last night we watched Reeker, which was annoying cause the DVD went funny towards the end. Thankfully we sorta sorted it so... it was interesting, I liked it. After that we watched an old Doctor ep. It's been so long since I watched any episodes with 9, it was strange.

Today was Kerrang day. The cover=sex. Also, why are Madina detectives in the shoot? It's strangely hot (though why Nathan has to hold the magnifying glass in the pics exactly the same way. Plus there's a pretty pic of Jepha from The Used's video shoot. Of course, there's also the sexful Ray poster which is already up (and aren't Escape The Fate really pretty?). Next week's looks a bit ehish.

Mum decided it'd be a good idea to move the new fridge. The result was that the guinea pig cage got knocked over, resulting in Dougie bleeding. Thankfully it's nothing too serious, just his nail got ripped out (yes, sounds horrible but it's not that bad, he's already happily running around with his bandaged foot).

Most of my posters are now off the walls in a pile to take over tomorrow. Except for the biggest ones, like from gigs. Also most of my Sar Wars books are packed and ready to take, though it's heavy. They're gonna be moved tomorrow.

Could someone please, please, please write me some Madina Lake slash? Smut, angst, fluff, crossovers, I don't care (though I'd prefer smut with Matthew [dark haired twin]). Please?

On Tuesday I'll lose the net for an unknown amount of days.
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I hate my family.
Jay Cock!

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