July 26th, 2007

Jay Cock!

Marry me, bury me

Last post of the day (fic and poll in one day, I've been busy). This post=pics I promised and shall be the last post till I|'m back tomorrow so read fic if you haven't and vote in poll!

Pics are a bit blurry cause I took em myself and I'm a bit unsteady with the cam.

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Jay Cock!

The very last one in a very long line

Today I woke up and I had a daydream while lying in bed. Said thoughts have become the basis for a fic I've started (my mind decided to spend the day elaborating on it and I've made notes on a Pizza Hut napkin) so yeah. If I'd not been out today I'd have it done by now.

It seems we will be moving into my grandparents house, so over the next few weeks we'll be moving stuff. Starting from Tuesday. The computer/my bed will be the last things moved, so I can stay on as long as possible. Once there I'll be there for the duration. That house has been the family home for over 50 years. My nan's nan died there, I grew up there and it's where I last saw my grandad alive. There's no way I'm leaving that house once I'm there. Unless it somehow gets destroyed, I'm staying there until I die no matter what. There've been times when I've thought about leaving but those times are over now. There'll never be another time when I think of leaving permenantly.

We're thinking of going on holiday to Florida next year to swim wth dolphins. I haven't been since I was ickle and I'm sure there's people on my f-list there.

Tody's been spent in Wolverhampton and it's been quite productive. I think me and mu are starting to get along better. It's most cause we've only got each other now. The family line's almost dead and we pretty much both see that now. In Pizza Hut we ended up talking about grandad's last free days and how horrible they were. I'll always remember them. She's coming over tomorrow to go on the Wii.

Productiveness has been buying things. I got more Star Wars mini's at last and two packs of Zelda cards (though they were out of Dungeons and Dragons stuff for some reason). I got the Yoda Order 66 two pack, two Star Trek dvds (you know, the oens that were with the magazines). Beatties is losing it's toy department so it was a bit shit, but it has Jelly beans so I weighed my own out. It came to £8.47. Eeep :[ I got two beanie babies, a cute white tiger called Teegra and a unicorn called Fortress (who mum spotted yay!). I got two Star Wars graphic novels from the Works cause they were cheap (I seem to be buying a lot in two's, what am I? Stuie's Ark?). As promised, mum got me the Rabbids, so I'll be on that at some point.

Twas a tiring day though, so I'm gonna write fic, watch tv and lay down.

I've officially lost hope on Mikey returning now.
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