June 29th, 2007

Jay Cock!

That's me right?


Good old babu's dad< 3

Happy birthday mikeyface < 3 I'd do a picspam, but I'll do one later (even though they'd all be pics you've seen probably).

LJ's messing up with e-mails. Again.
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Jay Cock!

Attacking the darkness

Yesterday we were meant to go to Cannock, but we didn't. We went to get babu's package from the collection place and then I felt a bit woozy and didn't wanna go. Good job we didn't cause the place we had to go to woulda been shut.

Today we went to Walsall to see Hostel part 2. Of course, before we went we looked round shops. I got some Star Wars boooks, Pocket Models and babu got me a Vader memo board. Sadly, there were no Zelda cards. We had Mcdonalds too. I like Mcdonalds fries, they're amazing.

For some reason I thought Resident Evil 4 was out next week for the Wii. I'm totally getting it, even though it means another trip next week.

Anyway, onto Hostel. Not one part of me made me wince. Is that wrong? Even when she cut his cock off I didn't gasp or anything (and being a guy I should've really). I liked how there seemed to be 'theme' rooms. Like the blood bath (which was cool) and the one with the guy eating the other guy's meat (which made me squee inside when I saw eaten guy had half a leg missing). I liked the head room and the swimming chicks in that pole-dancing place (well the idea of them, I mean you don't see that everyday do you?). The guy being mauled by dogs didn't bother me either (in fact I kinda expected it).I got semi-inspired mid-way through (by the guy that looked like a hairier Bob, who I thought was hot) to do a fic with Bob killing a guy. I liked it more then the first, despite the lack of guys in general, though seeing more cock than boobs made up for it.

For some reason Aol's being a bitch with the buddy list and LJ's still not sending comment e-mails (so if I'm slow to respond that's why). Later I'm gonna do a pic spam (or two). I'm adding some stuff to my fic list too, then I'm gonna lay down for awhile.

Tomorrow night's the finale of Doctor Who. Woo!
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