June 18th, 2007

Omar Arms

Meant for the flies

They just played Mama on the second Download, which is made of awesome. I love Mama, tis one of my fav MCR songs. There wasn't enough Bob shots though. Ray looked so hot, with his hair going everywhere as it always does.

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I'm gonna have a shower now, but when I get back I'll be writing. I want at least one thing finished (possibly two) before I go to the Job Centre tomorrow (which is either 1pm if it's sunny or 2 if it's raining).

I'm sleeping in the living room tonight cause my Star Wars stuff is totally arriving tomorrow.

Next week I'll be alone:(
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Jay Cock!

Have been saved

My head's been terrible again. I got very little sleep last night as I kept waking up and then not able to go back to sleep. I'm seeing the doctor Wednesday cause it's just gotten worse (and I've had the last of the nurofen today).

The Job Centre was eh. The weather was terrible and sitting inside the place with a throbbing headache and listening to a woman asking why haven't you done anything is annoying. Plus waiting and being talked to by an old dude is odd.

The only good thing was going into Game on the way back to the bus and getting Final Fantasy III for £19.99. I pondered waiting to get it on Thursday, but I've done that before with something and then they didn't have it so... I haven't been on it yet though but it looks even better now after reading the instructions. the three guys are so doing it

In the past 2 months I've had more DS games then I've had in the past year. Right now I've got several going on at once.

Final Fantasy III (not started yet)
Harvest Moon (Cute animals=< 3)
Hotel Dusk Room 215 (not mine but still...)
Pokemon Emerald (not new or a DS game, but I've gotta get the mon so...)
Pokemon Pearl (though I'm pretty much done)
Pokemon Ranger (which frustrates the hell outta me)

I've been in bed pretty much since I've been back causa my head. I've been out of bed about an hour and eaten a chocolate pop tart.

I'm on Neopets until head calms down enough to allow me to write.

Tonight I'll stay in here again cause Star Wars didn't come this morning. Plus I see no point going to bed if I can't sleep in it.

I really really really wish there was more Omar porn. hint hint

Edit: Yoinked from mikeyface

Love, Hate & Lust Meme:

Comment and name three characters from any of my fandoms (TV, movies, games or bands) and I will tell you which one I'd a) marry, b) have a dirty weekend with, and c) throw off a cliff.
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