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June 7th, 2007

Jay Cock!

The time for touchy-feely communication is passed

Well the nurofen worked and the headache went completely after taking it. There's just two problem's. First, is it's back now. Second, I absolutely suck at swallowing pills, so I ended up biting it and having the horrible taste in my mouth. So now I have to spend half hour ridding it again. Sigh, why couldn't it be liquid.

Yesterday we watched Phone, which is another Asian film with a vengeful ghost. Do their ghosts only think of revenge? It's pretty good, especially the cute little girl. Trouble is though most of the females in all Asian films look far too alike. All have dark hair, most of them have it long and thheir faces all look so similar I sometimes get confused.

After that we watched 50 First Dates. Well, I say watched, I purposely started only paying half attention half way through. It started making me sad so I just stopped watching.

The trouble with Jelly Bean pots is that you end up with too many of the ones you don't like or aren't bothered about. Like liquorice which is absolutely horrible in comparison to the nicer flavours and leaves it's taste in your mouth for ages. I'd much rather have candyfloss/bubblegum/popcorn/marshmallow only tub instead.

The rest of the night I went on Pokemon Ranger/wrote a bit. Plus I randomly drew a face on my chest.

I'm far more over-sensitive lately then I have been in ages.

I had a dream last night and he was still here. I'm not sre when it'll sink in really.

This morning I was woke by the phone. Again. I swear I'm gonna pull thet thing out Friday night.

Today I got a mag from Janeyfers, which I haven't looked through properly yet but I know there's a perdy Pete poster.

I've got an appointment at the hairdresser's for 4. Joy. When I come back I've gotta shower, make notes for tomorrow, maybe write a little and... well I think that's it really.

Does anyone know if the Download coverage is on Radio 1 or Kerrang radio?

Lastly, here's something I posted a few days back, but I figure needs posting again cause I probably won't be on properly until after the funeral tomorrow.

So I'm gonna need people's help to keep my spirits up. People can do that by the linking me/doing for me the following:
*Picspams with pretty boys or shiny things, or links to them
*Fics, especially any with Madina, Sean, Jay, Patrick, Paul, Ray, Bob or any general group stuff
*Pictures of unicorns/llamas/fuzzy animals
*Anything Star Wars related
*Funny stuff
Jay Cock!

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