May 30th, 2007

Jay Cock!

Say anything, say anything

So they have him stabilised now. They did a procedure to bypass the blockage and it's worked. They still don't think he's got long, but he won't be in as much pain now.

Mum's said he looks like Darth vader and that I shouldn't see him.

We're going out tomorrow to take my mind off things. So it's seeing Pirates, buying Jelly Beans, going into charity shops and Mcdonalds.

If things don't get worse, I'll write perhaps.

At some point soon I'll be moving across the road. I don't know how I feel about that.

Some things now I would've commented on earlier, but this kinda pushed them aside.
*Ryan has a tattoo. I'm not sure what to make of it, but it's better then Brendon's
*Spencer's shaved at last < 3
*J-14 magazine (from Canada) is evil, cause it has a Panic and FOB poster back to back and both are perdy
*I've sent the cheque to pay for my Star Wars stuff
*Is Mikey even in MCR any more? He doesn't even bother going to an awards ceremony where they win something. Is he ever coming back?
*There's nude pictures of Ray? (I'd post the vid link where they're mentioned but it's just.. lost in the shuffle I guess)

Bed now.

Having my zebra here's helped. If she wasn't, I'd have gone much much crazier then I have been and I most certainly would've gone on a cutting frenzy/starved myself to death.
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ROTJ Anakin Ghost Of You

Used to be my own protection

Things always manage to go worse don't they? The procedure didn't work for long and now there's just... nothing they can do. All that they're doing is giving him painkillers because that's all they can do.

It seems that the LJ purging thing has come to pass and I've managed to muster enough unbearable annoyance and rage to actually send something to LJ about it. I always thought/hoped that this purging crap was a rumor with no substance but that's all changed now. I hope they see sense before I return properly.

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And now, I go again.
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