May 18th, 2007

Jay Cock!

A world you may not understand

Milla Jovovich is so.. hot. And yes, I am aware she's a she.

Sure, Ultraviolet isn't that good, but it has the biohazard symbol in it a lot and her. There coulda been more blood though.

I've been on Harvest Moon for most of tonight.

Tonight I shall try to finish Patrick porn.
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Jay Cock!

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Today we went to Cannock again. There wasn't as much money as I'd hoped in, but it'll do.

I got Pingu (yes, Pingu), two Star Wars figs, Funeral For A Friend's single and Linkin Park's new album. Plus the Doctor Who sticker book.

I also got a new unicorn, that I've named Ray.

Zebra got Spideran 3 figures, a stickerbook and stickers as well as a colouring book and Mcfly's dvd/album.

We also had a Mcdonalds and went food shopping, though that was perhaps a mistake as we had too much to carry to the bus stop.

I think I'll join the Linkin park fanclub. It seems like a good deal thing.

It seems the tumble grandad took when we were there did more then we thought, at least psychologically. Since then he hasn't left his bed. This is bad.

I was too tired to do much last night and now I'm all achy.
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