April 24th, 2007

Jay Cock!

Spoken for

The trip was, as always shit. I got stuck in Orpington for an hour causa the stupid train. Sigh.

Good things though: I got Big Cheese magazine (cause it has FOB, TAI... and Madina in it), I got the Lostprophets single plus Madina's album at last. Yes I rave about them, but up to now it's just been through listening to a copy. Now I have the proper thing I'm < 3 I also read a few chapters of my Star Wars book.

I'm trying to decide if Mike or Micheal is second hottest in TAI... someone provide pics so I can decide.

Speaking of TAI... I saw a lorry on the motorway that had Santi on the side. Twas strange.

I also got an idea on my long wait for a Madina fic, which makes me happy as I can write it as soon as I start back. All I'll say is it's inspired by Pandora.

The bad things now: being left at Orpington for an hour with no phone and having annoying people behind me on the coach talking far too loud. Why they decided to sit on opposite sides of the coach and not next to each other is beyond me.

I've missed something methinks. Ah well.

The new The Used video is very... strange. I don't understand it, but maybe that's causa tiredness and me never understanding their videos. Bert and Bert in the mirror reminded me of TAI...'s video. Please someone write two Bert's going at it *hopes*
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