April 21st, 2007

Jay Cock!

Single Female Lawyer, having lots of sex

I'm a bit half asleep now. Curse ye vampirism!

My Futurama dvd refuses to work and I dunno why. Sigh.

I'm trying to write, but it's hard when your eyes are lidding and you can't even think of two names to use (cause there's a small list I've already used so can't again, which are: Ryan, Spencer, Brendon, Jon, Matt Tuck, Pete, Patrick, Will Beckett). For some reason my brain can't just pick two names that aren't those. I've tried to write all of them apart from the first 3 and Matt at least once each. Sigh.

I still hope to have it done by tonight.

Before I go to rest my eyes though I'm gonna poke people into reading fic that I really love. It was gonna be just one but I decided to add some more
First off is an untitled fic that I may have poked some people into reading before. It was done in 05 (scarily it was first posted two years ago yesterday) but I still think it's brilliant. Tis untitled and is in two parts: Part 1 Part 2
Cause Matt/Jay=< 3 but when there's crossdressing involved it's even better.
Serve It In Drag
Jay in general is < 3 So is Padge with horns
Riding The Red Nosed reindeer
Ray/Mikey first time BDSM=< 3
Complicate Me
And because Waycest is never wrong especially if it involves a vibe
Gerard/Miyavi/Saga is guh
Dougie/Gerard/Bert (aka one of my first memories of MCR) again, done in 05, but still < 3
Puppy Play

Now, there's other amazing fics that I haven't posted here. This is because a: My eyes hurt and don't want to go through all my favourites in an attempt to find them. Also b: there's a few recent fics I saved to favourites to read later (ie, when I was down south) that didn't save so I don't have them. When I get the links I'll do another post about them, probably late next week. In the meantime, please read them cause I think all of these are brilliant. (And rec me any you think I'd be interested in).

Tomorrow night I'll pack my bag for the mostly pointless trip (even the bag itself shall only be half-full, possibly less then that). I won't leave Monday until the early afternoon though. Still I'll be back by late Wednesday night, so it'll be like I'm not gone.

More on that story later.

I'm going to go rest my eyes for awhile, then return to writing once they're rested.
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ROTS Anakin Insides

Pretty on the inside

I hate the Job Center people. I'm starting to think it wasn't even them that called yesterday and woke me up.

Today's ugh. Soon after I went to rest my eyes I heard the door so had to go and get the mail. It's the really nice postman that I like cause he's friendly Anyway, he had the money for the trip for me to sign for and a letter from the Job Center.

Said letter is the main thing that pisses me off. Inside is forms I have to fill out (which look like the same ones I had to do in the first place) and it says I have to bring in two forms of ID (I doubt I even have one in this place) and the 'last two pay slips.' WTF are those? I guess I'll just take a bank statement. The worst thing is the time I have to go in.

9:10 on Monday. The Monday I have to go. I can't go by bus cause I have no change so I have to walk (which is over half hour each way). Why are all these things happening? Is some higher power telling me not to go? Sigh. There's no way to change it now cause they closed at lunchtime today.

Then I went over to drop something off to mum and I told her I had forms to fill in again and what happens? She has a go at me and blames me for getting sick like I did it all on purpose. Bitch. So I can't go there and get change/ID.


Fic rec list I did this morning, for those that may have missed it
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Jay Cock!

Dalek's have no concept of worry

Doctor Who ramble again.

The Daleks are back < 3 I'm kinda sad that Sec decided to become the 'human Dalek' cause he looked so cool being black and all. The problem of course, with being a human Dalek is that it'll be more suspectable to conventional weapons. It surprises me that all the cult ended up in the same time (I expected them to be in all different time periods). Pig slaves though. Why pig slaves?

Why don't the Daleks shoot/threaten to shoot Martha when she mouths off to them?

The Doctor always inspires people to follow him.

Why doesn't he just take the brain thingy to be scanned at the TARDIS?

I must stop myself from screaming Panaka whenever he comes on.

Tulullah (that's her name right?) implying the Doctor was gay was funny... then he says frank can kiss him later if he likes. That amuses me < 3
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