April 14th, 2007

Jay Cock!

And still we will be here, standing like statues

I'm gonna go bed now. It's 6am and I've spent the past hour plus writing. My block is gone hurray! It's the Waycest I started at 's, but Gerard's STILL not in it, even though it's 3 pages in. And yes, it's still being a standalone. I think it'll be done today, definately. Gerard's about to make his appearence, then the sex will start.

It still needs a title though. My original one gives the plot away too much now, so I'll have to think of another one.

I may do a companion fic for it too for two reasons. First, one of the maain sections won't fit anymore (a flashback doesn't feel right) and second I started doing a sub plot that really needs it's own fic to truly shine in. Another Mikey/Bob thing was going to be in it too, but I don't think it'll fit anymore either (though that could be a seperate fic altogether).

After this, I'll do Obsession, then the other Waycest standalone then... either My Body Is Your Body, Hungry Eyes or What To Do With The Dead. Must. Resist. Urge. to. Poll.

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Jay Cock!

Is no longer there

I woke at 3. Some things never change.

I was woke by cats yowling at each other, so I ran out to check on Tommy so he's in with me now. He's alright, the other cat was gone by the time I got there.

After this fic (like I said in the last post) it'll be Obsession and another Waycest, plus The Time Of Our Lives, cause I forgot it. :[

I caved and decided to do a poll, but a random one so it's infinately better then doing one fo just one question. Sadly for the 6th question I missed out a load or guys (cause I couldn't be arsed to do an additional question for it).
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Jay Cock!

You have to be on their friends list

Enter thee rambling's about Doctor Who.

First, New Earth reminded me of two Star Wars planets. The first, and most obvious, is of course Coruscant. This is mostly due to the skyscrapers shown on the city views at the end of the episode. The second is Taris which is from Knights Of The Old Republic (although I've never played on it, I've read about Taris on wookieepedia). It's like Taris due to the undercity, which sounds just like Taris' does.

I hope we get to revist it again.

The motorway itself at first seems ominous, but actual it's only the fast lane that's bad. At first I thought that the government of New Earth was being controlled by aliens (like in The Long Game) or had purposely released the crab-things into the motorway.

How did the crab-things (I know they start with an M) get there anyway? It bothers me how it's not explained. If there was a breeding population there before the motorway/undercity was sealed off then surely it would've been dealt with. Also, if the undercity was sealed off, how did it rain at the start? Also, why would the senate still be in session if all it's members were high? hy were the drug people still there if buisness had plummeted? Ah questions, questions.

Anyway, onto the good/cool things:
*Kittens! < 3333 Kittens always make me squee with glee
*Ardal was brilliant and at the start he really did sound like Dougal
*Gah stop mentioning Rose, it's annoying
*Martha's smarter then Rose
*Married elderly lesbians that knit!< 3 And a carspotter < 3
*I loved the references to New Earth, because that's one of the best episodes (I so need to get it)
*The cars are so cool, especially how each is different as a reflection of their owners (I loved the Japanese girls car)
*The intercar communication reminds me of MSN 'You have to be on their friends list'
*The Face Of Boe < 3 Again, another ickle squee, though he dies which is sad:(
*His last words, foreboding much?
*The people of New Earth were so stupid to be killed so fast, but a planet-wide quarantine was a good idea
*Everything on New Earth is preceded by New isn't it? New New York, New New Jersey, New Atlantic...

Next week is the Daleks (they'll never die will they?) and pig-men that look like the larger versons of the one from Aliens Of London. The uber-blonde chick annoys me already, I hope she dies. Panaka's in next week too, most likely he'll die as well.

I've rambled far far too much methinks, (it's odd how this ep has made me rambley, I guess it means I really like it) so I'll go away and return to writing now.
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