March 19th, 2007

Jay Cock!

I see a lot of Christians wearing crosses. When he comes back do you think he wants to see that?

All the snow's gone. Sigh.

Last night I watched the 100 Greatest Standups thing, it amused me.Well, some did, some didn't.

It's so cold, I hate that. Cold=me snuggling up in blanket=sleep. Which of course is bad. I wish it'd warm up, at least by Thursday. After all, I'll be outside then for a good few hours and I don't wanna freeze my ass off.

The Elite Four on Gold is so easy.

I'm gonna warm up, then come back online after writing a bit more.

Frankie with a Wii remote makes me happy.
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Padge Wet


Mikey, Gerard and fun with anal beads. Ah the descriptions people come up with for my fic.

My feet are freezing, it's like there's a breeze but there isn't. Sigh.

There was a storm earlier. Meep.

From what I've heard of Good Morning Revival (which hasn't been all of it, just random songs) I like it. It's better then I thought it would be.... which makes me want to see them on the tour. Damnit!

I still hate Shadows voice though.

Learning about Matt (old MCR drummer Matt with the last name I can't spell) makes me think that he's a massive arse. Sure, I knew he kept fucking up, but he tried to keep Gerard drinking and set their van on fire.

None of the food here looks appealing. Sigh.

And cause I'm nice/a tease...

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I'm going to get drink now.
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