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March 17th, 2007

Ray Relaxed self-groping

I call him number eleven

Ah eventually Comic Relief is funny. Little Britain and The Mighty Boosh, plus Russel Brand who's hot in a strange way.

I missed the first hour but apparently I didn't miss much. Ahh I don't think I've actuually stayed up to say this time of Comic Relief before, but it's good cause ya know, nudity. Russel Brand's really... loud and animated isn't he?

This year I haven't done anything for it. Every other year I've been at school or college and there's been a non-uniform day or some crap, but this year it's just... passed me by. I'll get the Little Britain dvd at some point though, that'll be my bit for charity.

7 random people have died on Sims 2. Random cow plants and flame projectors are love.

Cause I got so distracted I haven't concentrate on writing like I meant to, but I've done a bit and shall do more now. Probably shall post it tomorrow.
Jay Cock!

Never having kids

I go over the road to drop off mail and get the tele guide and on the way back some kids end up yelling something at me. I just flipped them off. Little assholes. A guy saw me and said I was doing the right thing, which made me happy inside.

Conveniently, mum wasn't over there though. She's found the ticket and only she knows where it is so I have to go back again later. I refuse to go tomorrow. Grandad seemed betetr then he was Thursday, so mayeb he'll give me money for the concert like he normally does.

Not only will I miss Skins (thankfully there's a million and one repeats) concert night, but also a Good Charlotte thing.

Last night I went on Lethal Alliance and actually got past the glitchy part. Still I can't work out the map thing, but the other puzzles I can. According to a help thing I found I'm already a quarter of the way through though. Also according to it there'l lbe something coming up which will make me, as a Star Wars fan, despise it for being stupid.
Jay Cock!

(no subject)

I feel horrible. My head keeps feeling all woozy and lightheaded every so often.

Lethal Alliance pisses me off again. It restarted for no reason, then reloaded in GERMAN. bah!

My left hand's nails are now painted black, the right will be done later.

Mum annoys me, always.

I think I'll lay down now.
Jay Cock!

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