March 10th, 2007

Jay Cock!

But I don't think

Ok, so I didn't go to sleep until 8. Yep 8am. I went on Empire At War and stayed on until then. I might have an unhealthy love for that game. When it works that is. Although it works so rarely it's sometimes hard to stay on any considerable amount of time.

Good things:
*I wasn't woke up, so I slept till 3ish
*I now have Espeon
*Tommy's here
*I must get Attitude
*Seeing Suicune

Bad things:
*I left my Twirls over the road
*MSN has fucked up (which seems to happen 1/4 of the time now
*Drowzee's piss me off
*Janey's package still not being here

Now, to try and write. Try.
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Jay Cock!

Dance into the fire

Total amount of writing done today (the first full day I've had to do any) 0.

Total amount of time on Pokemon Gold: 4 hours (roughly).

Total number of attempts to restart MSN: 20ish.

Getting a cute person on Animal Crossing: priceless.

Every time I try to write I get distracted or just... can't. I knew I shoulda stayed offine when block went. Bah.

I now have 6 bottles of Pepsi in the fridge though. WOO! And I have twirls.
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