March 8th, 2007

Jay Cock!

Like I did yesterday

Well the I Don't Love You video is... interesting. I like the video way more then I like the song.

It's very simple really, it's strange and black and white. I don't like the pure white chick though. the guy is interesting looking... The best bits are the band bits. Gerard looks hot, especially causa the black nail polish he has on. The others are hot too, though Gerard obviously gets most of the vid time. The sight of the whole band falling through the air for no reason amuses me.

The end, with everything 'blowing jup' amused me too. I'm odd.

I'd have prefered it was a different song still. I Don't Love You is my least favourite off the album. It's better live and it's betetr with the video, but I just... don't connect with it.

Still, least they played it.
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Jay Cock!

She has a new hat!

I really resent the Job Center signing on thing. I had to be in Cannock for three hours just for 2 minutes. Literally 2 minutes. Bah.

Money also isn't in yet, so I couldn't buy anything, plus the game set I was gonna get babu is gone now. Bah. I wish I had Rabbids.

On the way to Asda (before Job Center) grandad 'joked' (leastI hope it was joking) that I shouldn't put food in trolley. Naturally I reacted badly (you don't tell someone who's had anorexia that do you?). I think mum picked up on it cause she kept putting food in for me when we were there, asked what I wanted and stuff. She's very... weird.

Still, it wasn't all bad. I got the Director's Cut of Saw II for £9 (I was gonna put Saw III in but chose II for it's cheapness and my lack of knowledge about it). I hope James Wan is in the Special features. Also got a predy I-Dog which is black and so perdy looking... but it's gone walkabout so I have to find it tomorrow. I dunno what it does but it looks cute and dances so...

Got a second Kerrang!... and also last weeks too. Odd that it was there. So now I have a copy of last weeks for Janeys.

That's it really. Went on Pokemon cause I was stuck over there, but had Doug and Harry to cuddle so that's a plus.

I just realised today (yes I'm slow like that) that's it's two and three weeks until MCR! Just think, this time in two weeks I'll be standing outside the NIA in the cold after spending all afternoon attempting to stalk them.

I probably won't be online properly until after Skins, so 11pmish.

I hate that the sound's gone on my PC so I have to restart:( BAH!
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