March 7th, 2007

Jay Cock!

It's genetic

So I had another idea for fic last night, so that's another wordpad open, even though I was too tired to actually do anything to it.

I was woke up at half 10 again by my grandad, who had stupidly locked himself out. Sigh. So I had to go get the keys from mum, much to her amusement and then shoo him away.


I got Kerrang and donuts, but I have nothing to drink except hot drinks now. Bah.

Good things in Kerrang are obiously, the posters of Ian and Matt plus The Blackout comp (which I'll do later... I wanna win tickets), an interview thing with Gerard (which isn't really anything new, but just makes me wanna hug him) a Download update (I wanna go more now), and Good Charlotte's album being reviewed (they like it).

The two Good Charlotte pics in it I realised (once I stopped staring at Billy) and Benji and Paul were all close and snuggly. Awww. Lovers much?

Next week there's Good Charlotte and MCR again. Yay!

Now, Theme Hospital to wake up then fic.
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Jay Cock!

Lucid Voice

I haven't eaten my donuts yet. Meep But then I have had a nap and been on Theme Hospital. I've finished it now already. YAY!

I'm on Pokemon Yellow now... cause I can.

Trying to write later, too distracted now.

I had having just hot drinks. Too hot.

Tomorrow's blah cause it's the Job Center plus shopping, so I'll be away from 12 to 4. Hopefully I'll have money to get Rabbids and other stuff.

Tonight's yay causa the new MCR vid (although it's I Don't Love You).

Pretty pointless post methinks.

The Blackout lyrics, where are they?
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