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February 21st, 2007

Jay Cock!

LiMerge Power

Today's been another odd day.

I woke up late so ran about to get out. Ah the joy's of the care home. It makes me feel so uncomfortable. I never know what to do or say cause I can't understand 80% of what she says. Still, when she saw me she smiled, so that's something, though she looks extremely thin which scares me more then a little.

Mum's annoying still, as always.

Shopping might be moved to tomorrow, so I can chuck Kerrang/Star Wars figs in trolley then. Yay!

How much after Mikey's boots? You know the whore ones? They're the only footwear i'm interested in, though I seem to remember they're about £300 :(

What's the Berth dvd like?

Later, I'm gonna focus on writing. I've closed about half the fics so now I have the following open:
My Body Is Your Body
Hungry Eyes
Surgery fic
The Time Of Our lives
Today We Learn About Oral

Hopefully 1+ shall have soemthing postable tonight.

I'm gonna go snuggle in blanket now.
Jay Cock!

Ohh what a pretty ocarina

Russel Howard is love. He's so adorable and gay and always wears bright coloured t-shirts. He was on Never Mind The Buzzcocks and obviously did Simon or the one from Skins< or both.

I saw him on Mock The Week the other day and now I know his name I'm all happy.

While I was napping I had a dream about Mikey with breasts. Twas hot.

I'm procrastinating multitasking. I'm on Pokemon (going through Victory Road) and also writing. So far I've done two lines (though I only started ten minutes ago causa Desperate Housewives. Writing blow jobs is fun (although gods half the fic parts I'm doing will have one).

Yay for Dead Ringers being back tomorrow. I love that, it's so amusing... but then I am easily amused.
Jay Cock!

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