February 16th, 2007

Jay Cock!

He likes to wear sandals

So I'm leaving in, like an hour. I'm sure I'm missing some stuff, so I'm gonna do another check. As good as it'll do, I always end up leaving stuff behind.

Last night was really... strange. Some not good strange which made me sad. Before sleep we watched Futurama. I miss that show, tis funny.

Skins this week was all about Chris, so now I realise he's not just a stupid boy but a cute one that I wanna hug. Maxxie wasn't in it much again. Is he ever gonna do anything besides eying up the others and looking pretty? Apparently he does do a bit more next week, he's wearing devil horns which is guh.

I ramble too much.

I should be home at 7ish tonight. It'll be strange being back, but eh. I'll probably end up just writing or watching whatever crap's on Tv for hours.

Hola, back after annoyingly long trip.
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Jay Cock!

How was I spawned?

My mother is clearly a bitch. When I came through the door all my posters were off the wall, some ripped and every lead conenected to the Tv and computer have been pulled out. This on top of the Wii gone (well most of it).

Thusly I stormed over there very pissed off and had a go at here and she decided to be all cheery which only pissed me off even more. So she seen my wrist and asked what happened. My reply was what do you think. Now she probably things it's cause of her. Good.


The trip went fast. I spent large amounts of time asleep. Got two magazines and somemore figs, which I'll ramble about later when i'm less pissed.
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