February 10th, 2007

Jay Let's get drunk!

A little bit of disregard

Jay plus rifle/gun... wah I don't need any more inspiration!

I've had a fic swimming in my head for days (not the Ray one). It's not even a fandom I've done before, but since it's a standalone I think I'll have to do it later. I'll have to see if I saved the pics of the characters though...

I've restarted Pokemon Leaf Green. Ah, I love Pokemon. I've played on it over 8 hours already.

I didn't wake up till three.

Going back home Monday. Just in case the snow starts up again and blocks one of the train lines.

Short post true, but... I don't have much to say.
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Jay Cock!

Matress sales have doubled. To five

I shouldn't fill in surveys when I've just woken up, it just confuses me.

I had dreams. One had me talking to Ilan on a Most Haunted thing. Dream!Ilan is sweet. We caught the Ways fucking. The other dream I saw Jared catch a bus. I have odd dreams.

I still wanna go to The Used GIAN day. I still say last year was better, but then again it did have Lostprophets and MCR. And it got me into The Blackout so...

Once I get back home, I'll start that Welsh fic community from the last poll.

I know I've done this before, but here I am doing a fic poll again. Cause I'm odd like that.

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I think I may have embarrassed myself. Nice one me.

After The Two Ronnies, I'll type up that fic I mentioned.
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