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January 17th, 2007

Jay Cock!

The deity is in the details

I'm back at home now.

The trip was long and annoying. I hate it.

Last night was niceish. We watched Queer As Folk, then went to Tesco (sadly no Kerrang out) and got all... ehish. I'm not so thinky about it now though.

The Give It A Name line-up has been announced (as I got Kerrang today). It's not as good as last year, but I'll try to go to the Friday Birmingham date (cause of The Used and from First To Last), Friday's possible too cause of AFI/Thursday but Saturday's more appealing.

30 Seconds being in Kerrang=< 3

Onto the trip. The train journey was ok, then I was stuck waiting around for an hour. Bah. However there were adorable/hot oriental guys, as well as a gay couple that made me all happy and squeally inside. Cause I didn't sleep much last night I spent most of the coach trip asleep. I had a dream, but I only know it was a sex one (involving Justin from Queer As Folk screwing someone). Obviously I didn't write... or do much of anything really.

Passed the Musuem of Natural History on the wya home. It's so big and beautiful looking. I wanna go.

Once I got to Birmingham I got teary for no real reason. I looked around the shops, cause I had the time, but got bored so quickly. The train back home was a mess. It chanegd platform and got really confusing... and once everyone was on I couldn't move at all. Literally. Bah it was horrible.

Now though, I'm back. It feels odd to be home, but I'll be doing some of the things I was gonna do tonight. Ala Twilight Princess and attempt to write.
TP Midna Shadow crystal

I'm sure there's a point somewhere

So far... I've done none of what I was meant to. I'm the ultimate procrastinator. that and tiredness/having kitty Tom in/watching Most Haunted.

MSN is majorly fucking up. I can't send or recieve any messages.

It pisses me off.

The wonders of technology eh?

Apparently I'm most like:

I think I may change an icon or two.

After showering that is.

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Jay Cock!

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